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Assess, Test, Progress.

Advanced Performance Fitness is on a mission to helping you reach your fitness goals and truly maintain them.

The entire fitness industry is full of theoretical models based on scientific research on how to best train someone for health or sports performance.

While many of these programs are well-researched and developed for coaching certifications, they rarely teach a well-thought-out implementation framework from which to apply the for individual who are ready to make positive change to their health and wellness.

The point at which science and theory meet real-life training in the gym usually falls apart because the science is hard to implement and tedious to track.

This causes the well-intentioned certified personal trainers and coaches to look online or to the latest IG post for programming inspiration. The lack of programming effort is made worse due to the fact there is often no system in place to properly classify and progress an individual through the various phases of their needs or their goals and objectives.

No assessments, no periodization, just random starting points, no clear path, no framework. This is all made worse by the trend over the past decade to combine individuals from disparate health and fitness backgrounds all together in one class session.

The implementation of any program can fall apart if you don’t have a framework to assess, test, and progress individuals through the various life cycles of their path to health, fitness, and human performance.

Advance Performance fills the gap from multiple perspectives offering the six-sigma fitness Framework of Methodologies, and a set of technological, and scientific tools to implement the collection, and analysis of data, organize the research, apply the diagnostics, and prescribe the intervention that best meets the patient’s/client’s/athlete’s goals and objectives. 

Frameworks, Methodologies, and Tools have very specific and defined meanings within the context of the Advance Performance Fitness programs. Each can be modified for one on one, group-based, and online programs. The Framework is agnostic as to the methods it employs, but the recommended methodologies are scientifically valid, accepted, and selected as required to meet the needs of the circumstances.

Meet The Team

Dr. David Brown, DHSC, MS

Dr. David Brown has more than 25 years of experience in the exercise and sport-related fields, using an evidence-based protocol to develop and implement training programs and educational materials for a wide array of clients.

Dr. Brandon Bupp, DC

Dr. Brandon Bupp, the founder of Advanced Performance Fitness, was interested in health and fitness from an early age and went on to develop an extensive background in Exercise Physiology and Chiropractic Care.

Dr. David Brown

Dr. David Brown has more than 25 years of experience in the exercise and sport-related fields, using innovative techniques and evidence-based protocol to develop and implement training programs and educational materials for a wide array of clients. He is a court-recognized Subject Matter Expert in Wellness and Physical Fitness for Arizona Peace Officers and Standards Board where he regularly consults on fitness professionals’ best practice liability cases. Also, he has achieved the International Olympic Weightlifting Coach level for United States Weightlifting and was the weightlifting team leader and coach for the history-making 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.

Dr. Brown earned his Doctor of Health Sciences at A. T. Still University, received his Master of Science degree from A.T. Still University in the field of Human Movement (Kinesiology), with a specialization in Sports Performance and Corrective Exercise, bachelor’s degree in Education from Northern Arizona University, and Executive Certificate in Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame. David has held numerous certifications such as Master Cooper Fitness Instructor, Medical Exercise Specialist, and Medical Exercise Program Director, to name a few. and taught the Physical Fitness Instructor Course at Rio Salado Community College.

Lastly, Dr. Brown’s research is focused on how exercise affects the human body. His last research project “The effect of short-term supervised functional resistance exercise on children’s physical fitness” (JSCR-08-2527) substantiated the protocol used in his Kid’s Underground program that has been recognized by the State of Wisconsin. His protocols use exercise to “bridge the gap between healthcare and fitness”. Currently, Dr. David’s coach development project “Passion for Achievement: The competencies of athlete directed training” has been accepted by the International Coaches Enrichment Certification Program (ICECP).

Dr. Brandon Bupp, DC

Dr. Brandon Bupp was born in Orville, Ohio where he played sports and suffered from quite a few injuries. He went onto study Exercise Physiology at Baldwin Wallace College when he decided that he was interested in chiropractic care and continued to further his education at Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Bupp was interested in health and fitness from a very early age.

That same passion persists today, both personally and professionally. Things came full circle for him in 2010 when he established Advanced Performance Fitness and merged it with his chiropractic practice, Advanced Health and Wellness Center, that he previously established in 2007.